The patented door closing system that has set Storemasta’s range of indoor safety cabinets apart from the rest has recently undergone an update. Benefits of the new door closing system include increased reliability, longevity and ease of operation - which will assist in sustaining chemical compliance. 

This project was a collaborative effort between multiple departments, including Research & Development, Production and Supply Chain. 

The door closing system is currently being rolled out on new Storemasta safety cabinets.  

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The Storemasta team who worked on the new door closing system. From left:  Craig (Production), Alan (Supply Chain), Lincoln (Special Projects), Dan (Design), and Nick (Production Coordinator). 

What’s Different? 

The key technical feature of the new SAFE-T-CLOSE® system includes the replacement of wear points with a threaded spindle and nut. This maintains a fixed position for the locking rods which are an integral part of the compliant locking system.  

How the Storemasta Door Closing System Works 

Offering optimum protection and controls to ensure spill and vapour containment, ease of operation, durability and heat/fire protection, the SAFE-T-CLOSE® door closing system has been one of the unique selling features of our safety cabinet range for decades. 

Our door closing system allows safety cabinet doors to close automatically and sequentially, and unlike anything else on the market. The hydraulic-action doors close firmly, but smoothly, every time – decreasing the chance for staff error and improving the chemical safety controls of the cabinet. 

The door closing system offers additional safety because Storemasta safety cabinet doors won’t slam or jam, making the cabinet a more effective and long-lasting storage solution. The ease at which the hydraulic-action doors close also reduces the risk of sparks – which could ignite flammable substances in storage.   

Many other safety cabinet door closing systems are spring-loaded – however, this mechanism increases the likelihood of failure, resulting in replacements or repairs of dangerous goods storage equipment. 

The Storemasta door closing system is designed and constructed to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Standard AS 1940 – The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids. 

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The safety cabinet door closing system has hydraulic action doors that close automatically.

NOTE: The AS 1940 Standard offers the highest level of chemical control for cabinets. Storemasta cabinets are all made to meet this high standard. Class 4 and Class 5 safety cabinets are equipped with fixed handles due to the specific hazards associated with these dangerous goods. 

New Door Closing System – Available Now 

The new and improved door closing system is now available on all new Storemasta safety cabinets. Browse our full range of indoor chemical storage solutions online or request a quick quote from our helpful team of Dangerous Goods Storage Consultants. If you’d like to learn more about our standard or customised products, connect with us online or call 1300 134 223 for personalised advice for your business. 

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