Concerned about safety within their large inventory of lithium-ion batteries, Sphere Drones have utilised Storemasta’s battery charging and storage cabinets to reduce the risk of lithium-ion battery fires and thermal runaway.

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Risk of Thermal Overload and Battery Damage

“As an enterprise that works with a diverse fleet of drones across air, land, and water, our organisation often manages a large inventory of batteries,” explains Josh Spires, Marketing Executive for Sphere Drones.

“These batteries are predominantly composed of lithium-ion (Li-ion) chemistry and are therefore susceptible to thermal overload or physical damage which can result in a fire that continues to burn until all the combustible material is gone." 

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Sphere Drones are a leading provider of drone products and services in Australia.

Controlling Li-ion Hazards Across Multiple Remote Sites

“Sphere Drones first reached out to me regarding battery charging and storage cabinets for drone batteries on multiple remote sites,”  recalls Braden Urquhart, Head of Sales & Marketing for Storemasta.

“At the time, our battery charging cabinets had just been launched, so it was fantastic to be able to show case our capabilities and turn around a large project in a short space of time.”

"Through the delivery process, the units had to be delivered across twelve different remote locations throughout the country, with all deliveries completed in full and on time across a two-week period."  - Braden Urquhart, Storemasta 

Battery Storage

“By storing all our batteries in a single, secure and fire-resistant cabinet , we no longer need to worry about constantly checking on them during charging," explains Josh.

"The cabinet gives us the ability to leave them on charge overnight. The cabinet's built-in ventilation system ensures that the batteries do not overheat while charging." 

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Safe Charging

In addition to the battery cabinets’ safety features, the system offers enough outlets to charge all of Sphere’s batteries. Shelving and outlets are also fully adjustable, so the cabinets can be reconfigured to suit a multitude of batteries and equipment.

"The Storemasta cabinet has eighteen outlets, which gives us ample access to charge our batteries," Josh explains.

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Leading Drone Brands and Accessories

A proudly Australian-owned and an operating entity since 1954, Sphere Drones carries and supplies the world's best airborne, landborne, and waterborne drone brands and accessories.

Sphere specialises in providing end-to-end system solutions that create outcomes that not only work but give clients  a cost-effective and competitive edge.  Sphere currently have offices in NSW and WA with impending expansion around Australia.

Storemasta continues to work with Sphere Drones to improve lithium-ion battery safety through the implementation of battery charging and storage cabinets at new sites across the country.





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