When you're managing flammable dangerous goods in the workplace, fire protection and emergency preparedness is a key consideration.  

Flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidising substances and lithium-ion batteries are all examples of substances and articles that can ignite unexpectedly – causing serious risk for your staff, organisation and surrounding community.  

While implementing the proper handling and storage procedures and equipment is an essential part of risk management, applying extra layers of protection against chemical fires is also a proven way to reduce risk. 

Why is Fire Suppression Important? 

There are multiple options for fire protection including sprinkler systems, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. But when you’re managing dangerous goods in your operations, the high level of risk associated with flammable substances can turn ignition into a ferocious and destructive blaze. 

Flammable liquid vapours can quickly ignite or succumb to flashback. And if that ignition finds a flammable store, full of chemical containers, drums or IBCs, you are facing an enormous threat to your workplace, community and environment. Fires not only threaten the safety of your staff and your property, but they can harm the community and natural environment due to the release of toxic fumes, pollution caused by runoff during firefighting services, and the general spread of fire due to large volumes of flammable chemicals. 

Lithium-ion batteries also present a serious fire risk – but due to the unique nature of these energy sources, the fires are notoriously difficult to put out. Thermal runaway and the reignition of cells poses a specific challenge for workplaces and fire services, who often have to let the fire burn out as the blazes are so difficult to get under control. 

Unlike other fires, such as electrical fires or bushfires, dangerous goods such as Class 3 Flammable Liquids and Class 9 Lithium-ion Batteries can greatly exacerbate fire incidents due to the large quantities of these substances or articles found in the average workplace.  

Think about how many tins or IBCs you may have of flammable liquids. Alternatively, count up all the devices in your organisation that use lithium-ion batteries – from mobile phones and laptops to industrial robots, tools and vehicles. 

That’s why it’s important to protect your workplace from chemical fires with dedicated storage and fire suppression systems. 


Storemasta Outdoor Battery Store with Fire Suppression-1

Fire suppression within lithium-ion battery stores can suppress a fire quickly, so evacuations and the contacting of fire services can be possible.

How Does Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression Work? 

A DG Fire Suppression solution is installed in a suitable Storemasta storage product to provide automatic suppression when a fire is detected. 

The FirePro® state-of-the-art condensed aerosol generator releases the fire suppressant when extreme heat is detected, allowing staff time to evacuate and alert fire services. The system is matched with detection systems, certified monitoring panels, controllers, alarms and all other related accessories, such as the auto dialer for SMS alerts.  

Storemasta Fire Suppression 

Storemasta has implemented a range of Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression systems to help clients better control fire risks during flammable and battery storage. The FirePro® systems are leading fire suppression solutions available in both monitored and unmonitored systems to suit your operational needs. 

DID YOU KNOW Storemasta’s range of Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression Systems have a 15-year lifespan and are listed to AS 5062 and AS 4487. 

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Non-Monitored Vs Monitored 

There are also options for non-monitored systems (which means the fire suppressant will be activated but no alarms or alerts are available with the model) or monitored systems (fire suppression solutions that also include visual and auditory alarms – with the additional option of an auto dialer to text when a hazard is detected). 

Due to the immense health and safety issues that fire can inflict on businesses and their communitities – including human harm, property damage and environmental destruction and pollution – it’s a sound investment to install a Fire Suppression system in your flammable stores or cabinets. 

REMEMBER Fires also cause incredible inconvenience for the workplace and community, as well as putting strain on fire services, an increase on insurance costs and a general loss of productivity. It’s not just the immediate risk to people, property and environment that a fire causes – it’s the long-term effects to your workplace and your surrounds. 

Choosing the Right Fire Suppression System for your Workplace 

The key difference between systems is the capacity the fire suppression has in relation to the size and nature of your cabinet or store, as well as whether you deem non-monitored or monitored systems a better solution for your operations. 

Below outlines the available systems and the suitability of the system with Storemasta dangerous goods storage cabinets and outdoor chemical stores.

Developing Layers of Fire Protection for Dangerous Goods Storage 

If you’d like to discuss fire protection for your workplace, get in touch with our team who can walk you through all the available options. Alternatively, jump online for a quick quote on our fully integrated stores and full range of fire suppression systems. 

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