2024 will see the launch of multiple new products which are designed to increase the safety and efficiency of workplaces carrying dangerous goods.  

With Storemasta’s Research & Development (R&D) Department focusing on rolling out new products from February, the new year will see a range of new solutions launched for the Australian and overseas markets. 

Lithium-ion Battery Transport Unit 

Many clients have requested assistance with the safe transport of lithium-ion batteries. Since these temperature-sensitive cells require controlled storage to prevent overheating and fires, Storemasta will be launching the lithium-ion battery transport unit.  

This temperature-controlled portable unit will allow workplaces to manage the transport of lithium-ion batteries in a safe and secure manner. The unit will have built-in aerosol fire suppression to combat the risk of lithium-ion fires. 

New battery transport solutions will be available early 2024. 

battery transport unit on back of truck-1

The new battery transport unit will decrease risk when moving lithium-ion batteries from site to site.

Compliance Monitoring 

While the selection and installation of your dangerous goods storage is a positive step towards compliance, the ongoing inspection and maintenance of stores can be challenging. Through discussions with the industry and clients, Storemasta is developing compliance monitoring systems which will help businesses stay on top of their chemical storage equipment.  

Compliance monitoring will automate the process of cabinet and store inspections, allowing for clients to be alerted in real-time when there is an issue, such as a sudden change in temperature in a safety cabinet or outdoor store. 

Compliance monitoring will be on offer from mid-2024. 

compliance monitoring-1

Compliance monitoring systems will help alert staff to any issues that could occur when dangerous goods are in storage.

Updated Models 

The Design and Production Departments are busy refining some products to improve the user experience, as well as the safety and efficiency of the product.  

Keep an eye out for the new and improved gas cages, aerosol cages and outdoor miniseries range.  

Our updated models will be rolled out throughout 2024. 

Lithium-ion Battery Outdoor Storage 

Further bolstering the Storemasta collection of battery management products, the new lithium-ion outdoor store will provide a secure, cool, dry and well-ventilated outdoor storage solution. This highly anticipated battery storage product is currently in development. 

Li-ion outdoor store will be available by late 2024. 

Storemasta staff with new battery solutions-1-1

The team are working hard to bring a range of new lithium-ion battery solutions to the market in 2024. Pictured from left is the 18-outlet battery charging cabinet with fire suppression and compliance monitoring system, the 8-outlet battery cabinet and the battery transport unit.

Laboratory Mixed Classes Safety Cabinet Range 

This range of safety cabinets is designed specifically for laboratories, with the capability for technicians to store multiple classes of dangerous goods within the same indoor cabinet. Due to the nature of laboratory work and space confinements, this product is tipped to be a valuable storage solution for laboratories of every type and size. 

Mixed class cabinets will be available towards the end of next year. 

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