A critical aspect of electric motorcycle workshop safety is the management of lithium-ion battery-related risks. Savic Motorcycles, a trailblazing Australian high-performance electric motorcycle manufacturer, understands this importance — and has worked with Storemasta to increase workshop safety.  


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The Savic Motorcycle workshop specialises premium high performance electric motorcycles which utilise lithium-ion batteries as a power source.

Lithium-ion Battery Risks 

With the increased prevelance of lithium-ion batteries and the reliance on these power sources for electric motorcycles, there is a genuine need to not only understand and control the risks associated with these cells, but also prepare for incidents such as Li-ion battery fires.

While lithium-ion batteries are a powerful source of energy, they also come with the potential for thermal runaway and fires. These fires can be devestating for businesses, as well as the surrounding community, causing serious damage to property, as well as potentially harming people who are exposed to the blaze or the toxic fumes that are subsequently released.

Savic Motorcycles has taken proactive measures to mitigate these risks by implementing safe battery handing and storage practices in their workshop, as well as investing in fire suppression solutions that can successfully extinguish a battery fire. 

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Considering Fire Control 

While the correct battery handling and storage procedures are necessary for minimising fire risk, there is also a real need for fire control. Solutions may include fire suppession systems, smoke alarms, key entry to lithium-ion battery stores - and suitable fire extinguishers which can control these dangerous, fast-burning fires.

Due to the risk of lithium-ion batteries re-igniting, a range of controls are needed to create a safe working environment. The cooling of the battery's flammable electrolyte can prevent cell re-ignition, as well as reduce the risk of thermal runaway in nearby battery storage areas. By swifly identifying and extinguishing a Li-ion battery fire, you can also minimise harmful toxic gas emissions.


Storemasta With Savic Motorcycles C-Series

Working with lithium-ion batteries requires controlled handling and storage conditions to minimise fire hazards.


Electric Motorcycle Safety 

Storemasta's extensive experience in dangerous goods storage aligns with the Savic Motorcycles commitment to creating reliable, beautiful electric vehicles. 

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Storemasta's lithium-ion battery solutions have helped control risk in the Savic workshop.

Electric motorcycle workshop safety transcends conventional practices to accommodate the intricacies of modern technology. Savic Motorcycles and Storemasta showcase a model collaboration that places safety at the forefront while driving innovation forward.  


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