Working with businesses to provide compliance guidance and support is all in a day’s work for WHS Rescue. Serving a diverse range of industries with WHS Consulting services, Dan Amor of WHS Rescue works with Storemasta to provide compliant flammable and chemical storage for clients across New South Wales and Victoria. 

Who are WHS Rescue? 

WHS Rescue provides Work Health and Safety support for industrial estates, farms, small business and schools,” explains Dan Amor, Qualified WHS Consultant and Co-owner of WHS Rescue. 

"We help businesses with WHS gaps by assessing their needs then setting up a WHS Safety Management System, from there we provide ongoing support. All this is done in person at the workplace."

Since COVID, Dan has spent the last two years building up the business, providing services for more varied range of industry verticals.

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Qualified WHS Consultant Dan Amor works with a broad range of industries across NSW and Victoria

"Since 2009, the fully qualified team at WHS Rescue have supported businesses with their WHS needs so they can get on with their main game," explains Dan.

WHS Rescue are an invaluable source of information and expertise about best practise for WHS support delivered in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

Important Information with a Dynamic Approach

Often, WHS and compliance is seen as a rather dull or laborious learning process for workplaces. It can therefore be hard to engage staff in vital safety and dangerous goods discussions.

This creates real risk when staff aren't understanding how to operate in a safe way.

WHS Rescue is called in to assist business owners and management by providing easy-to-understand WHS support that is effectively communicated all staff members.

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"We do the heavy lifting by providing policies, processes and procedures for inductions, toolbox talks, SWM's, emergency, evacuation and first aid plans and much more all done at your workplace and in consultation with you," explains Dan.

Compliant DG Storage + WHS Safety Management Systems 

WHS Rescue works closely with Storemasta Dangerous Goods Consultants to provide compliant dangerous goods storage equipment for his clients.  

“Storemasta has worked with WHS Rescue on multiple projects to ensure clients receive the most suitable dangerous goods storage solution to meet their specific needs," says Consultant Bethanie Urquhart. 

"Dan’s extensive experience as a WHS Consultant means that we can quickly remedy any chemical safety issues that the client is facing.” 

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Storemasta DG Storage Consultant Bethanie Urquhart with one of the WHS Rescue flammable storage solutions.

Key Issues with Compliance and Safety  

With his extensive experience as a qualified WHS Consultant, it’s understandable that Dan has witnessed a range of safety issues in regard to chemical safety. 

“From a compliance viewpoint, we often see incomplete and out-of-date documentation (processes, policies and procedures). When it comes to site safety, it is the simple things that we find are usually absent and it’s these simple things that make a big difference, for example appropriate signage, easy access to PPE and appropriate storage of dangerous and hazardous materials,” says Dan.  

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Tailored Advice and Solutions for Each Workplace 

 To close these holes in WHS safety for worksites, Dan has been working with Storemasta on a multitude of different projects. 

“WHS Rescue and our clients love buying products from reputable, Australian based companies,” explains Dan. “Storemasta's vast product range means we can source what we need at a competitive price, with products designed and manufactured in Australia." 

Since mid-2023, WHS Rescue and Storemasta have provided a range of storage solutions including indoor flammable liquids storage cabinets and LPG storage cages – so chemicals can be housed correctly.  

“I have found the team very knowledgeable about their wide product range and responsive to all our requests,” says Dan.  "Bethanie's knowledge of the Storemasta product range and industry requirements makes our interactions seamless."

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"Seamless interactions" between WHS Rescue and Storemasta mean that solutions are precise and prompt.

Flammable Liquids Safety and Storage

One of the most common safety issues seen in workplaces is the lack of flammable liquid and dangerous goods storage for onsite chemicals. 

WHS Rescue works to identify these gaps in the safety management plan — rectifying safety issues with Storemasta indoor and outdoor chemical storage products. 

“Flammables and dangerous goods storage is extremely important for personal safety and environmental reasons,” Dan explains. “We’ve been selling Storemasta flammable and chemical storage products for a while now and the feedback I get always follows three themes: mobility, security and containment."

"Our farmers like the larger units because they are mobile and can therefore move chemicals in bulk to where they are working rather than moving the machinery back to the sheds. The storage units are lockable and have spill catchment wells and easily moved around using forklift Tynes."

Gas Safety and Storage

Gas storage is also a common requirement for workplaces needing to improve safety and compliance.

 "Gas cylinders must be stored upright in a secure safety cage and restrained by chains or safety straps," says Dan. "it is also important they are away from any significant heat that could potentially be an ignition source, this includes sunlight. We recommend storing gas bottles in lockable Storemasta cages, on the southern side of a building or wall."

"With many of our agricultural and industrial clients at sites with plant and machinery and in areas where temperatures often reach 40+ degrees Storemasta gas storage cages provide a layer of protection from toppling, ignition and theft.”

Flammable Gas Store outside 700

Compliant Class 2 gas and storage is an important hazard control.

Emergency Planning Committee

WHS Rescue also offers assistance with emergency planning. A workplace EPC (Emergency Planning Committee) must meet at least once a year, Dan provides an agenda specifically tailored to a workplace and facilitates the meetings helping discussions remain on point and conclude on time. Meeting agendas include dangerous goods storage, transport and safety, site risks and hazards, evacuation plans, first aid, PPE.

Many times, workplaces aren't properly prepared for an emergency situation often due to lack of understanding about their onsite goods, or changes in work practices and hazards. By working with the EPC, WHS Rescue helps workplaces better prepare for an incident and increases safety through emergency preparedness.



 To learn more about WHS Rescue and view their testimonials and recent work, visit them online. You can also connect on Linkedin and Instagram.


You may also schedule a chat with Storemasta’s Dangerous Goods Storage Consultants who can assist with all of your storage and handling equipment enquiries. 





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