As an established wine maker that was focused on expanding their popular beverage line, long-time Storemasta customer IDL sought a new customised solution for temperature-sensitive substances, as well as chemical storage for multiple hazard classes.

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The beverage manufacturing process uses a range of substances that require safe storage to produce wines, alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic flavoured drinks.

Leading Beverage Manufacturer

As a family-owned and operated beverage manufacturer located in the picturesque Moorabool Valley, IDL have the enviable task of developing a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for global markets.

IDL produce 80 million litres of wines, spirit mixers and non-alcoholic beverages each year, and have the capacity to store up to 21.14 million litres of finished drinks.


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IDL are a leading beverage manufacturer located in Victoria.

Working with Storemasta

To ensure safety and compliance at their site, IDL initially enlisted the help of Storemasta when seeking advice on indoor chemical storage cabinets. After the purchase of several Storemasta cabinets, IDL reached out again in 2018 to schedule an onsite audit.

“We have goods onsite that are classified flammable liquids, corrosive, oxidising and gases which all required different storage conditions,” explains Shannon Birthisel from IDL. “To ensure OH&S compliance, we needed a dangerous goods storage solution.” 

Mixed Classes of Dangerous Goods

An onsite chemical storage audit allows Storemasta DG Storage Consultants to thoroughly review a site and suggest improvements in terms of chemical storage and handling solutions. The audit report provided a range of storage and bunding products that could be implemented on site to improve the safety of the manufacturing operations, and allow for the successful segregation of mixed classes of dangerous goods.

"We required cabinets of various sizes to be utilised in our flavours and additives section," explains Shannon. "We also required storage for cleaning chemicals in our packaging facility."

A range of Storemasta chemical storage products have been purchased and installed at IDL, including outdoor corrosive substance stores, indoor corrosive cabinets, oxidising agent cabinets and different spill bunds for various hazard classes.

However, as IDL's capabilities grew from producing wine to incorporating a range of other beverage products, the additives and chemicals stored onsite expanded significantly.  


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IDL have implemented a range of Storemasta solutions for both indoor and outdoor chemical storage.


New Beverage Products, New Storage Solutions

“When IDL began producing ready-to-drink products, we started using a number of new additives and flavours. Many of these materials were required to be stored in temperature-controlled settings to ensure the viability of the ingredient,” explains Shannon. 

“Additionally, these additives had varying dangerous goods classifications which meant certain ingredients couldn’t be safely stored next to each other and required separate storage solutions.” 


Watch the video o learn more about Storemasta's solutions at the IDL Beverage Manufacturing facility in Victoria.

Temperature-Controlled Flammable Storage

With the expansion of their drinks range, IDL required an outdoor storage solution for highly flammable flavours that required storage at a specific temperature. These flavours were previously stored in a basic refrigeration unit, however, this store was not providing the safety and compliance required.

As the only manufacturer in Australia capable of providing customised temperature-controlled chemical storage, Storemasta proposed the construction of a 20ft temperature-controlled store for the storage of Class 3 Flammable Liquids. Upon approval of the proposal, Storemasta began manufacturing the storage solution, which is a hazardous area IECEx rated outdoor dangerous goods store, with a class 1 zone HVAC system. 

End-to-End Storage Solution

As this temperature-controlled container is considered a major project at Storemasta, IDL were supplied with clear information about the progress of their new unit. Braden Urquhart, Dangerous Goods Storage Consultant, prepared a schedule of the Storemasta manufacturing process, so IDL could keep up-to-date with the production and delivery of their new store.


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Tailored temperature-controlled storage was introduced to the site to ensure temperature-sensitive flammable liquids remained safe for the beverage manufacturing process.


Prior to the store being delivered to site, IDL had to prepare the installation location. This process involved extensive communication between IDL, Braden and the Storemasta team to ensure that all safety and electrical requirements were met prior to delivery.

“Planning for site included all installation requirements, as well as the need for a 3 phase, 20-amp power supply and the earthing requirements for hazardous areas,” explains Braden.

Once the manufacturing of the store was complete, the delivery to Moorabool Valley went seamlessly. The new temperature-controlled flammable liquids store replaced the old refrigerator model, offering the highest standards of compliance and safety for the storage of temperature-sensitive flammable liquids.

“Storemasta were incredibly responsive to any queries we had,” says Shannon. "They fully explained all aspects of the dangerous goods storage, ensuring the IDL team had all the necessary knowledge to store the goods safely.”


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IDL create some of the nation's favourite beverage products for brands including Lion, Four Pillars, Ampersand and Fireball. IDL recipe match, craft new beverage concepts and package completed beverages, with a range that is constantly evolving. Find out more about IDL by visiting them online.



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