With August 2022 marking 30 years of Storemasta, we thought we’d take the opportunity to sit down with Founder and Managing Director, David Urquhart, to find out about the history of the company. We also wanted to know what continues to drive him to move forward with his innovations and why he believes Storemasta continues to lead the field.

What were the motivations that led to the establishment of the company?

The founding of Storemasta developed from the working life of country South Australia, where the necessities of survival drove a passion to succeed and forged a culture of innovation and ability that still thrives today.

three officers standing and speaking in front of a group of employees

David speaking with the supply chain crew in the company annual meeting.

My foresight into a need for compliance systems, which improved efficiencies and increased safety standards, motivated me to craft a range of safety products that became unparalleled in quality and performance for all Australian industry.

How did you originally manufacture your dangerous goods storage products?

All products began as hand crafted products. They were formed and assembled with the work ethic, skill and precision of experienced sheetmetal workers of the day.

Quality was a lasting foundation that became synonymous with the Storemasta brand and formed the basis for an ever-developing manufacturing plant that would stand the test of time.

staff sticking signage onto front doors of the 20ft container

Production staff are working on a new product.

How has Storemasta provided value to customers during its decades in business?

Ever in touch with a growing customer demand, the Storemasta product range saw continuous improvement and a speed of adaptability that was difficult to match as the low-cost copyists gathered strength and inferior imports gained sway in the Australian market.

Today, industry has more choice; the offer of low cost, short-term mere compliance and the longer-term solutions that work — founded on local industry knowledge and constructed to perform in the toughest conditions that nature provides.

worker forklifting the yellow container outside of the factory

Storemasta provides thousands of items that are compliant with legislative standards to support different businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Today, Storemasta provides a range of products to every industry in Australia and New Zealand. The industry knowledge and the experience in applying legislative requirements to solutions that work, that help industry achieve their objectives safely every day, is how STOREMASTA help their valued customers.

In your opinion, what distinguishes Storemasta from competitors?

From humble beginnings, where the craftsmanship of hand made products stood tall and strong, to the current day of automation and high tech processes, Storemasta remains the market leader in providing industry with the smartest, the best and the most adaptive products which increase efficiencies and safety standards for every worker today.

Our Company Through The Years

mix of cabinets displayed in the booth at the conference

a white truck with gas cylinders in cage

a worker moving a frame outside from the factory

workers talking while looking at a monitor screen at the factory

woker controlling the robot in the manufactory


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