Managing lithium-ion battery risk in all areas of the workplace is now easier with the release of two new Storemasta battery products.

Following the success of our indoor Battery Charging Cabinets — which were released in 2022 — the range of lithium-ion battery management solutions is now expanding to encompass solutions for battery transport and outdoor storage.

These new solutions will help workplaces with lithium-ion batteries to better manage the range of risks involved with these cells. All Battery Management products are designed, developed and built in Australia at the Storemasta manufacturing facility located in north-west Tasmania.

How the Battery Transport Unit Works

The new Lithium-ion Battery Transport Unit is designed and constructed to control fire risk while charged batteries or damaged batteries are on the road.

Suitable for transport in most utility vehicles, the unit offers a multitude of engineering controls to decrease the risk of battery fires — and increase hazard awareness for the driver.

The Storemasta Lithium-ion Battery Transport Unit comes standard with:

  • 15 mm fireproof internal lining
  • FirePro automatic fire suppression system with aerosol extinguishing agent
  • Visual and auditory alarm
  • Pressure relief vent

For convenience and ease, the battery road transport unit may be lifted when empty by either forklift or crane.

battery transport unit on back of truck-1

Outdoor Lithium-ion Battery Store

When you have larger batteries or a higher volume that can’t be stored indoors, the temperature controlled Outdoor Lithium-ion Battery Store is a smart option.

You can efficiently store a range of larger Li-ion battery cells in the new outdoor store including forklift, industrial robot and vehicle batteries.

The Outdoor Lithium-ion Battery Store is a ‘plug and play solution’ that can be ordered, delivered and quickly installed onsite to provide swift protection against lithium-ion battery fire risk.

500570 Outdoor Battery Unit Small  (22 of 30)-1

In addition to Storemasta's indoor battery cabinets, the battery management range now includes outdoor stores.

Due to the challenges of storing dangerous goods outdoors, the outdoor store offers a range of standard features including:

  • Durable, weatherproof design
  • FlameGuard Fire Retardant Paneling
  • Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression System
  • Heavy duty coolroom locking devices
  • Bolt-free lock in shelving system
  • Non-slip, non-spark flooring

The outdoor battery store is currently available in a small and medium size, with further models to be released over time.

500570 Outdoor Battery Unit Small  (12 of 30)-1

Storing lithium-ion batteries in a temperature-controlled outdoor environment is now possible with Storemasta's Battery Storage.

Li-ion Battery Management for Your Workplace and Vehicles

Meeting our customers’ needs for products to mitigate emerging risks is something that we’re passionate about here at Storemasta. 

Storemasta staff with new battery solutions-1-1

Battery management products are some of the most researched and required for businesses across Australia and the globe.

If you're concerned about Li-ion battery risk affecting the safety of your workplace, you can shop our products online or reach out to our experienced Dangerous Goods Storage Consultants who can work with you to find the right battery store for your worksite.

Interested in improving battery safety in your workplace? Explore the full Storemasta Battery Management range today.

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