We sat down with Caleb Urquhart, CEO of Storemasta, to understand how he’s brought the leading DG storage company into a new era of automatic, innovations and ever-expanding markets.

We often get asked the question, ‘Who is the CEO of Storemasta?’ So, tell us, how many years have you been working with Storemasta? 

Officially, this is my 10th year, however, as this is a family company, any spare days I had over the years were mostly spent working somewhere in the company – prior to the years of minimum working ages. These years provided valuable learning experiences across all facets of the company operations. My first role in 2013 was Procurement, then I moved into Production Coordination and Sales. I became Storemasta’s CEO in 2020.

Caleb Urquhart in Manufacturing Facility with Aus flag-1

Proudly designed and made in Tasmania. Caleb is based onsite at Storemasta's Burnie manufacturing facility.

What is the vision you have brought to the company?

Growth through people, culture and quality products, as well as sound knowledge and better service.

We have leveraged our team's expertise and expert advice to become the go to for DG storage Australia-wide. At the same time, we’re continually developing physical products, with our tailored operations and supply chain supporting that process.

What do you think the average Australian workplace is looking for in DG storage?

Peace of mind and no come back. Workplaces are looking for reliable support, reliable advice and reliable solutions that have no come back.

People want solutions to reduce risk without decreasing efficiency, so we reduce risk as well as improve efficiencies for our customers. 

How have your products evolved over the decades you've been in business? 

Our Storemasta range has evolved to be better for the customer. We’re driving more value, more efficiency on sites. 

You're a big believer in continuous learning and improvement. Why is that so important?

If you are not going forward, you are going backwards.

Continuous improvement is a never ending strive to perfect what you do. Our core value, Humble, is the core of our culture of continuous improvement, which means we know we are never the best we can be.

Good is the enemy of great, therefore, we don’t rest on our laurels. We challenge the status quo: how can we do this better, faster, easier to improve the customer’s life. 

Caleb Urquhart talking to production staff member-1

"Good is the enemy of great," explains Caleb, who is committed to moving the company forward.

Tell us about the benefits of manufacturing in Australia, in Tasmania. 

There is no option; Australian made or forget it.

The quality, control and agility of manufacturing here cannot be beaten. Onsite design, engineering right through to fit out and packaging — manufacturing locally gives us an unmatched ability to meet customer requirements.

Automation and leading technologies are key, and we have invested in automation and production technology that is best in class and world leading.

We also benefit from a cohesive team who are all striving to make our customers lives better every day. 

Where would you like Storemasta to be positioned in a decade’s time? 

Storemasta will be 10 times what it is today.

My goal is to ensure continuous improvement in every area of the business, every single year. This encompasses the implementation of new technologies, the development and refinement of new products. We will continue to identify new industry risks and chemical hazards and develop the solutions for those emerging hazards.


To learn more about Storemasta or get advice on dangerous goods storage and handling solutions for your site, call our team on 1300 134 223 or schedule a consult below. 

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