How familiar are you with AIDGC – the Australasian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants? Here at Storemasta, we’re staunch supporters of this impressive institute that offers dangerous goods education and consulting services to workplaces across Australia and New Zealand.  

But what is the AIDGC and how can they help a business just like yours? We sat down with AIDGC President Jason Costa to find out more about the support they offer, as well as the fresh approach they’re taking in 2024. 


Leonard Gawecki, Richard Hall, Jason Costa (third from left) and Frank Mendham at the AIDGC Conference. 

How long have you been involved with AIDGC? 

I started with Riskcon over 5 years ago and at the time, one of the Directors, Renton Parker, was the President of the AIDGC. Renton actively encouraged me to get involved with AIDGC. I started as a Student Member, then became an Associate Member.  

Jason Costa RC20221211_0220_LinkedIn

Jason Costa, AIDGC President, started as a Student Member

After about 18 months to 2 years, I completed the assessment process to become a Consulting Member. From there, I became a Board Member, Vice President and then President. It was a quick progression! 


AIDGC is an independent industry body for the dangerous goods industry, regulatory authorities, government, business and general community. More than 60 professional members offer DG related services to improve chemical safety. Since its establishment in 2001, the objective is to educate, promote, advise and consult on the safe storage and handling of dangerous goods. To learn more or become a member, visit today. 


Who should join the AIDGC? 

The key audience is people who have a vested interest in the storage and handling of chemicals, not necessarily consultants. The name, AIDGC, implies the organisation is only for consultants. However, we can assist PCBUs actively storing, manufacturing, distributing chemicals; as well as businesses, engineers and students that are eager to learn more about the chemical industry. 


Pictured at a recent AIDGC event are (left to right) Leonard Gawecki, Richard Hall, Frank Mendham, Jason Costa, Peter Hunt, Andrew Battye and Christopher Flannery.

Our membership is far more wide-ranging than just Dangerous Goods Consultants. We encourage everyone to join. 


“Anyone can get value from what we provide at the AIDGC.” 

- Jason Costa, AIDGC President


What are the key benefits of becoming an AIDGC associate member? 

The AIDGC provides extensive networking opportunities and the ability to have a voice in the formation and development of relevant Australian Standards, Regulations, Guidelines and Codes.

We also run an ongoing program of professional development such as conference, seminar and workshop events which highlight to members developments in the industry, technological advances and updates on Legislation.

We have a fantastic working relationship with Regulators across Australia who actively provide input by attending and even regularly presenting at events.

Our monthly “What’s Happening” newsletter also provides similar updates to members, including details about upcoming events and relevant news across the world about the chemical industry.

What are some chemical safety issues that are emerging, in your opinion? 

Lithium-ion battery storage and handling is definitely at the top of the list at the moment. We’re seeing many changes in the way fire authorities approach the risks associated with them, and rapid development in Codes and Guidelines related to the storage of these materials given their uptake across the world.

Hydrogen as an energy storage vehicle is also at the forefront of development and is a key focus in the world of chemical risk.  


“These emerging risks are not understood well enough that we can say ‘yes, everyone knows what to do with lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen. The way we approach these challenges is still changing.” 

- Jason Costa, AIDGC President 


What's happening with AIDGC this year? 

The AIDGC is actively working on the monthly “What’s Happening” newsletter this year. The aim is to have a refreshed and relevant document that can clearly inform members of updates in our industry. We share glimpses on social media and “What’s Happening” is now more topical, accessible and exciting than ever before.

The AIDGC also has many more events planned this year to provide information sessions and networking opportunities to new and existing members. These events will be advertised in the “What’s Happening” newsletter and on LinkedIn as they approach.

It was great chatting with you, Jason. We'lll see you at the upcoming AIDGC events.

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and I look forward to a fantastic ongoing professional relationship between Storemasta and the AIDGC!


Like to learn more about the AIDGC? Find out more or apply for membership online today.


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