As an industry that is invested in compliance as well as innovation, the mining industry in Australia is one of the economy’s strongest performers. Since the gold rushes in the late 19th century, mining has been a major contributor to the economy, with a strong export-oriented approach. Australia has the world’s largest uranium mine and the fourth largest black coal resources, with more than 350 operational mining sites spread across the nation [1].  

Amidst challenging diplomatic conditions, pandemic-induced staff shortages and a strained supply chain, the mining industry in Australia has still achieved staggering growth.  

Market size has increased 39.3% in 2022, with revenue reaching $501.8bn [2]. Australia is leading globally in the production of lithium and iron ore — and ranking second with gold and cobalt production [3]. The market size of our local mining industry grew faster than the entire Australian economy. [4] 

Weipa Queensland mining operations-1

A bauxite mine site located near the coast in Weipa, Queensland.

While there is a global move towards long-term sustainability and decarbonisation, mineral mining is necessary for the continued production of lithium-ion batteries.  

Lithium-ion batteries require lithium, cobalt, graphite, nickel and manganese for their production, which highlights the unexpected alliance between traditional mining operations and ‘greener’ clean energy.  

These batteries are becoming increasingly in demand for electric vehicles, machinery, equipment and devices. The demand for Li-ion batteries is expected to increase more than five-fold by 2030 [5]. 

While mining productivity is often affected by physical factors, including equipment downtime and the quality of mined resources, heavy industries – such as mining - are embracing lean processes and Industry 4.0 technologies [6].  AI, connected equipment and advanced analytics are enabling companies to rapidly improve the productivity and resilience of their operations through the harnessing of up-to-the-minute technologies. This is not only improving production systems and communications, but enhancing safety and environmental protection capabilities, while providing immense operational value. 

Greenbushes lithium mine in WA-1

The Greenbushes lithium mine in WA  is the world's largest hard-rock lithium mine.

Decreasing the costs of equipment downtime through proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance is also an issue that is being advocated for the mining industry [7].  

Aligning with this pre-emptive approach to problems and hazards, it’s not surprising that the local mining industry has been one of the staunchest supporters of chemical compliance solutions.  

From lithium-ion battery storage to oil dispensing and storage units, the chemical hazards facing staff on mining sites are controlled through the implementation of dangerous goods storage and handling solutions.  

Specialised products and fully relocatable outdoor stores are also in demand with mining companies due to the harsh and unpredictable conditions at these locations, as well as the need for efficient, safe and compliant chemical storage. 

container stack with forklift operator

Fully relocatable storage units are ideal for remote sites and mining operations.

Key solutions for mining sites include relocatable POL (petrol oil and lubricant) storage in lay down areas. Relocatable units for IBC storage are ideal for these busy, remote operations as they can be easily maneuvered by forklift, crane or air. These models require little maintenance and offer excellent protection against harsh weather conditions. All-in-one dispensing and storage is another specialised solution that decreases the risks associated with petrol, oil and lubricants, through a seamless system of dispension, minimising spills, contamination and human error.  

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