Keeping the bund within your Dangerous Goods Storage Container cleaned out is a crucial safety measure. Spills left unattended in the bund could potentially mix with incompatible substances,  contaminate other areas, and present hazards to other people, property and environment. Clean out the bund within your relocatable DG unit with this easy, step-by-step process. 

Step 1: Safely remove all contents from your outdoor dangerous goods store.

REMEMBER: Before any hazardous or dangerous material is moved, check to ensure that all possible risk to personnel, property and environment is minimised as much as possible at the temporary location.  Check the SDS for more detailed information on the hazards relevant to the substance(s) in question. 


STOREMASTA Outdoor Dangerous Goods Storage Unit for Class 3 Flammable Liquids Spill Containment SumpSTOREMASTA Outdoor Dangerous Goods Storage Unit for Class 8 Corrosives Spill Containment Sump Liner


Step 2: Remove any screws and clips securing floor into the unit.

Step 3: Remove flooring.

Step 4: Drain the sump of any liquids.

This can be done using the ½” BSP drain located at the front of your container, or alternatively, the waste liquid can be pumped out and disposed of by any waste management company. 


STOREMASTA Outdoor Class 3 Dangerous Goods Store Bund Spill Containment Sump ValveSTOREMASTA Relocatable Bund Drain Valve Sump Clean


You must ensure that any equipment used to remove the waste is compatible with the substances within the sump. To prevent chemical injury, correct PPE must be utilised.

If using the drain, ensure that that the waste liquid is safely channelled into an appropriate area without contaminating other zones or being exposed potential hazards. (such as ignition sources).

Step 5: Scrape out any solids that may be present.

Step 6: Wipe out bund to remove any remaining liquids and residue.

To prevent injury, correct PPE and compatible cleaning materials must be utilised when cleaning out the bund.

Step 7: Re-insert drain bung ensuring that sealer tape has been used.

Step 8: Re-install flooring and fix in place re-using clips and appropriate screws.

The appropriate screws are: 8g x 25 tek-screws.


 STOREMASTA Relocatable base sump flooringSTOREMASTA Relocatable Flooring








Regular cleaning of your dangerous goods storage unit prolongs the life of your Storemasta relocatable, and reduces the level of risk associated with dangerous goods within your workplace.

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