The relocatable DG container can be lifted empty or full (12T lifting capacity). However, care should be taken to ensure that all containers are secured with lids, so that there will be no chemical spills during the process. You can transport the container to your site by road or air, and position it in place via crane or forklift.

*Make sure your baffled spill sump is regularly cleaned out, particularly prior to transport. Learn more here.

REMEMBER: This Product Manual is only for the 10ft and 20ft Dangerous Goods Containers. If you have another type of outdoor relocatable store, please refer to our other Product Manuals as you can not lift the Outdoor Miniseries, Outdoor Drum & IBC Stores, and Bunded IBC Chemical Storage Containers unless they are completely empty.


  1. The location of your side opening dangerous goods container must be selected according to regulatory requirements, such as separation distances to protected and public places. For further details on the applicable requirements, see the Australian Standard that relates to your dangerous goods class of chemical.

  2. You must provide an eyewash station and safety shower if packages are opened in your container. 

  3. Chemical spill clean-up equipment and materials, such as spill kits, should be installed within easy reach of the container.   
DG container being moved by forklift

Your Storemasta dangerous goods container can be quickly relocated by forklift or crane.


  1. While our dangerous goods containers are fully relocatable, they must still be mounted on suitable footings. The container must be sitting level and supported under each base plate. 

  2. If your surface isn’t level, you may acquire PVC packers to level up the unit. However, keep in mind that anything over 50mm high of PVC packers is not considered safe or suitable. Instead, use concrete blocks or find another suitable slab/position.  

  3. Ensure that all base plates are adequately. 

  4. If required, fix unit down using a suitable anchoring method based on site requirements or standards.

  5. Ensure that the doors on your store operate smoothly. 
  6. If you’re stacking your containers two-high, you can then move forward with your installation and position the second container on top of the already installed dangerous goods store. However, it’s vital that your containers are connected together when stacked.

  7. Find out more about connecting your containers with approved tie down solutions: 


If your container is used for the storage of Class 3 Flammable and Combustible Liquids, you must earth the store.

Dangerous goods containers that are designed for the storage of Class 3 substances must be earthed to discharge dangerous currents into the ground. 

Using the equipment supplied with your store, please follow the below instructions: 

  • Locate a practical position to install the earth rod, ≤200mm from the front right hand base plate of the relocatable dangerous goods store. 
  • Drill a 14mm hole through the hard surface at the position that the earth rod will be installed. 
  • Using the hammer, drive the earth rod into the drilled hole until only 400mm of the earth rod is above surface. 
  • Connect the wire to the earth rod and the earthing point on the front right hand base plate of the dangerous goods container to complete the earthing system. 

To maintain compliance with your relocatable chemical store, we recommend creating an inspection schedule to assist with the ongoing maintenance, cleaning and review of this control measure. 

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