Prior to Installation

  1. The temperature controlled store can be lifted by crane (using lifting lugs x 4 on roof) or forklift using fork pockets in base only.  
  2. Make sure the container is empty when it’s being installed or relocated.  All doors and maintenance panels need to be secured and locked. The spill sump must be completely empty and cleaned out prior to the store being relocated. 
  3. If the store is being relocated, make sure the earthing stakes and wires (for the storage of Class 3 flammable or combustible substances) have been removed. 
  4. Keep the store properly restrained for safe transport and positioning at your site. 


  1. The location of your store must be according to regulatory requirements applicable, such as separation distances to protected and public places. For further details, refer to the Australian Standards and your own onsite risk assessment. 
  2. Choose a flat, stable surface for the store to be installed on. Ensure all base plates are adequately supported. 
  3. If there is vegetation at the site, make sure that it is kept short and away from the store. The fresh air intake and vents must always be kept clear. 
  4. If you are storing flammable or combustible substances, make sure you position the store at least 3 metres away from any ignition sources. 
  5. Chemical spill clean-up equipment and materials, such as spill kits, should be installed within easy reach of the store. 
  6. You may need to install a safety shower or eyewash facility if your risk assessment or the Australian Standards deem it appropriate. 

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  1. The HVAC unit is supplied fully wired, requiring only connection of the power supply to the HVAC control enclosure.  
  2. Electrical power supply and installation should be performed only by a licensed electrician in compliance with local, state and national electrical code.  
  3. Your onsite electrical connection must comply to the appropriate national or regulatory standards.  
  4. The electrical installation must be explosion protected within the hazardous area. 
  5. Isolate power elsewhere prior to opening any electrical enclosure or motor.  


  1. Ensure grounding of equipment supplied is installed as per manufacturers specifications and according to the appropriate national or regulatory standards. 
  2. Read all instruction manuals, tags and labels before operating this equipment. 
  3. Ensure condensate drain P trap is maintained. 
  4. The return air and supply air grilles must be kept clear at all times to maintain air flow. 
  5. Care should be taken to prevent short circuiting of condensing air stream.  

Earthing Store for Storage of Class 3 Substances

Store holding flammable or combustible substances must be grounded according to manufacturer’s specification using equipment supplied as follows: 

  1. Earthing of the temperature controlled store must be installed to the appropriate national or regulatory standards. 
  2. Locate a practical position to install the earth rod. 
  3. If required, drill a 14mm hole through the hard surface at the position that the earth rod will be installed.  
  4. Using the hammer, drive the earth rod into the drilled hole until only 400mm of the earth rod is above surface.  
  5. Connect the earthing wire to the earth rod and the earthing stud on the front right-hand end of the Temperature Controlled Dangerous Goods Store to complete the earthing system.  

Fire and Explosion Hazard for Stores with Class 3 Substances

  1. Improper grounding, poor ventilation, open flames or sparks can result in a fire or explosion and cause serious injury. 
  2. If there is any static sparking or electric shock while using this equipment, stop dispensing immediately. Do not use the equipment until you identify and correct the problem. 
  3. Keep work area free of debris and unnecessary clutter. 
  4. Do not smoke in work area (NO SMOKING NO IGNITION SOURCES WITHIN 3 METRES).

Download Product Manual PDF

For further details on pre-start checks, installation and maintenance that are specific to your product, see the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual provided upon purchase. 

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