This Product Manual is only for the relocatable outdoor units: Outdoor Miniseries, Outdoor Drum & IBC Stores and Bunded IBC Chemical Storage Containers.

For information on the 10ft and 20ft Dangerous Goods Containers, please go here.



  1. The relocatable organic peroxide container can be lifted by crane or forklift. However, make sure the container is empty, as they must not be relocated when fully loaded.
  2. The location of your relocatable dangerous goods store must be according to regulatory requirements applicable, such as separation distances to protected and public places. For further details on the applicable requirements, see the Australian Standard AS 2714:2008 – The storage and handling of organic peroxides.
  3. If there is vegetation at the site that could become a fire hazard, make sure that it is kept short.
  4. You must install a safety shower if the quantity of organic peroxide exceeds 2000 litres.
  5. Chemical spill clean-up equipment and materials, such as spill kits, should be installed within easy reach of the organic peroxide store.



  1. The relocatable container must be mounted on suitable footings. It must be sitting level and supported under each base plate.
  2. If your surface isn’t level, you may acquire PVC packers to level up the unit. Ensure that all base plates are adequately supported.
  3. Fix unit down using anchors (T16150GH Tru-Bolts). Learn more by reading the Ramset Stud Anchors Installation Guide.
  4. Ensure all doors on your relocatable outdoor store operate smoothly.

Relocatable Low res

To ensure you sustain compliance you will need to periodically review your control measures and carry out maintenance on your organic peroxide relocatable store.

Maintenance: Greasing the Hinges

 Greasing the hinges on your equipment is an important part of ongoing maintenance for your relocatable organic peroxide store.

We suggest regularly using a multi-purpose grease on the bi-fold door hinges of your outdoor chemical storage containers. Any relocatable store with bi-fold hinges must be greased monthly, at a minimum. If you are in a coastal area or corrosive environment, consider greasing the hinges on a weekly basis. 

 This greasing operation is of the utmost importance to the longevity of your organic peroxide store. In some instances, the doors of these units may only be opened once a week or even once a fortnight, causing the hinge to potentially dry out and lock up with corrosion. 

Greasing the hinges is a simple and easy job to include in your regular maintenance schedule.

Instructions for Greasing Hinges:

At the centre of each bi-fold door there are 2 hinges: one lower and one at the top. The grease nipple is located on the pin of the hinge. Use a grease cartridge gun to pump grease into the nipple until the grease can be seen coming out around the fingers of the hinge. 

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