The 9 step procedure below, outlines how to install a parasol roof on a Storemasta relocatable outdoor dangerous goods store. 


Step 1. Unpack

Unstrap and unpack the parasol roof frames from the relocatable dangerous goods store.

Step 2. Lay Out

Lay the frames out on a flat surface, ie. a carpark

Step 3. Match Frame Numbers

These frame numbers will be written on the tall end of the frame.

Step 4. Bolt Frames Together

Bolt the frames together using the M16 bolts supplied in the packaging.

Step 5. Secure Roof

Using a crane or a forklift, safely lift each section of the parasol roof onto the top of your Storemasta Outdoor Relocatable Dangerous Goods Store.

Step 6. Insert Panels

Insert the large insulated panel pieces into each end of the parasol roof frame, sliding the insulated panels to the center. Note: Insert tongue edge of the panels first.

Step 7. Insert Insulated Panel

Insert the last small pieces of insulated panel.

Parasol Roof-1

Step 8. Cap with Channel

Cap over the end of the insulated panel with supplied aluminum channel ensuring the ends fit inside the steel side channels. Fix into place using 14g tek screws.

Step 9. Fasten Insulated Panels to Parasol Roof Frame

Once all the insulated panels are fitted, fasten the insulated panels to the parasol roof frame. This must be done by driving the 14g tek screws through the top flange and into the insulated panels down the full length of the store, front and rear. The panels must be fasted to the frame with a 14g tek screws every 200mm. 

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