Replacing the L-handle on your indoor safety cabinets is easy with our 12-step guide.

L-handle replacements may be required if your cabinet suffers damage or simply requires a new part. Ensuring your cabinet doors close correctly and securely is an integral control for your stored dangerous goods. It's important to make sure that your L-handle is operating properly for optimum performance.

Before you begin the replacement of your safety cabinet L-handle, please ensure you are fully equipped with the following parts so you can ensure a successful assembly.

L-Handle Parts:

L Handle Diagram


  1. Remove inspection plates and handle parts from door, take note of the upper door rod position and spring attachment to upper inspection plate.


  1. Fasten new handle to door skin using the M5 screws and flat washers.


  1. Screw onto spindle M10 NUT till 10mm from back face of handle.


  1. Place STAR WASHER onto spindle.


  1. Ensure handle is in vertical position and place the CAM WITH PINS onto spindle in the vertical position.


  1. Place CAM SPACER onto spindle.


  1. Insert and place upper and lower DOOR RODS on the cam pins.


  1. Place CAM RETAINER onto spindle ensuring the pins align and the retainer is hard against the spacer.


  1. Place STAR WASHER onto spindle and wind on M10 NUT and tighten to 6Nm.


  1. Re-attached spring to upper inspection plate and re-fasten plate – check spring tension is sufficient (when this is not possible attached spring before placing door rod on cam).

Flammable Cabinet door handle HERO IMAGE

Your Storemasta safety cabinet L-handle is now correctly assembled, providing chemical controls and security for your stocked goods.


  1. Test operation of handle system, ensure self-latching operates smoothly. 


  1. Re-Text Boxfasten lower inspection plate.


Download Assembly Manual Here


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