1. Select the site that you want to install your portable bund on and clear the ground so it’s free from debris 
  2. Lay down the ground mat (if you have opted for one) to protect the bund from damage 

PORTABLE BUND ACCESSORIES: Accessories such as a ground mat, liner and carry bag are available as an optional extra upon purchase of your collapsible bunding product. 

Erecting the Bund 

  1. Fold out the temporary portable bunding over the centre of the ground mat 
  2. Erect the bund walls by deploying each of the bund legs. Extend the leg joint away from the bund and secure it by pushing it down into the seam. The seam is where the wall meets the base of the bund. 

Optional Liner 

  • If you have purchased a liner, unfold and place it neatly within the bund enclosure. 

Drive-In Entry 

  1. Collapse a single bund wall to allow access for the vehicle; lay the liner over the collapsed wall if required. 
  2. After the vehicle or equipment is in place, erect the collapsed wall to maintain the spill enclosure. 

Folding Up 

  1. Clean, decontaminate, dry and fold up the bund (and liner, if applicable). Wait until the bund is clean and dry before it’s folded up and placed back in its carry bag. 
  2. Collapse the legs of the bund by pulling up the bottom part of the leg (the part near the seam). 
  3. You can either remove the liner now if you have separate storage for this accessory or you can simply leave it in the bund. 
  4. Continue to collapse each leg of the bund but don’t yet fold down the wall. 
  5. When all the legs have been collapsed, you can fold down one wall of the bund. 
  6. Then, go to the opposite wall and fold that down also. 
  7. Continue to fold down the other two walls in sequence. 
  8. You can then fold up the bund, making sure the legs are aligned. Fold the bund up evenly, from the outside to the middle. 
  9. Take up the ground mat. 
  10. Place the folded bund in the carry bag and return the bund (and accessories) to storage. 

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