Document Box Contents

Each Document Storage Box pack should contain the following:

    • Document Storage Box
    • Tape strips
    • Instruction Sheet
    • Sticker Sheet

Installation Using Tape Strips

  1. Select the appropriate image below that matches the Document Storage Box being installed.
  2. Clean the surfaces of the Document Storage Box and the mounting surface. For best results use a thinner or methylated spirits.
  3. Carefully peel the paper backing from one side of the tape strip and apply to the Document Storage Box (avoid touching the adhesive once paper is removed).
  4. Once all the tape strips have been applied to the Box, remove the paper backing from the exposed side of the tape strip (again avoid touching the adhesive)
  5. Mount the Document Storage Box to the mounting surface by firmly applying pressure to the Box. For best results, open the Box and apply pressure against the inside surfaces. (It can take up to 72 hours for the adhesive to achieve full strength. Allow ample time before heavily loading the Box.
Document Box-1

Installation Using Bolts/Screws (Not included) - for Models: DSB001, DSB002, DSB003 and DSB005

  1. Using the Document Storage Box as a template, mark the holes on the mounting surface with a pencil.
  2. Drill holes in the mounting surface using a bit that is sized for the mounting surface material and the bolts/screws being used. (Mounting holes are ¼” diameter).
  3. Mount the Document Storage Box securely using bolts/screws in the drilled holes. Do not overtighten.

WARNING: Do not drill any holes in your Safety Cabinets as the fire rating integrity could be compromised.

Label Installation

Included in the Document Storage Box pack was a sheet of labels. Select which label is relevant and carefully apply it to a clean dry surface in the designated area on the box.

Download Product Manual PDF

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