When it comes to safe and compliant dangerous goods storage in the workplace, there's a lot to wrap your head around.

Changing regulations, increased compliance checks, emerging dangerous goods and new engineering solutions are forever complicating your job.

That's where Chemical Safety at Work - The Podcast comes in.

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With Patrick Gee and Melissa Hampton as your hosts, the Chemical Safety at Work Podcast will feature a changing line-up of guests.

Storemasta Podcasts Will Soon Be Streaming

Yes, you heard that right. Storemasta will soon release our podcasts discussing all the hot topics in dangerous goods safety and best industry practices.

The new audio series will be available on a range of platforms, so you can catch up with the latest conversations wherever you are, whenever you like.

Conversations about Chemical Safety

Featuring a range of different guests and a rotating roster of hosts, we’ll be talking about key issues in dangerous goods storage and handling in the workplace.

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Storemasta's Braden Urquhart makes a guest appearance in Episodse 2, discussing the common challenges faced by businesses who are managing dangerous goods.

Chemical Safety at Work – The Podcast offers:

  • Tips, methods and best practices for ensuring safety and compliance.
  • Easy to follow breakdowns of complicated codes, regulations and requirements.
  • Industry insights from regulators and other experts in the DG workplace safety space.

Who Should Hear the Podcast?

Whether you’re a small business owner who’s just beginning their DG learning journey, or you’re a well-established enterprise managing complex chemical hazards, our hosts and podcast guests will provide you with practical, actionable information across all areas of dangerous goods management.

Tune in each fortnight to stay updated on all things Chemical Safety at Work.


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