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Installation guide for Gas Cylinder Storage

Location Before you install your gas cylinder stores you need to identify the safest and most practical area onsite. While stores can be either inside or outside, outdoor storage areas are best practi...

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Installation guide for STOREMASTA Document Storage Box

Each Document Storage Box pack should contain the following:

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Installation guide for STOREMASTA Floor Bunding

Installing Aluminium Floor Bunding Ensure the surface under the floor bunding is appropriate Clean the surface so it’s free of anything that could affect adhesion Layout your bunding to determine you ...

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Cleaning the Bund in your Relocatable

Keeping the bund within your Dangerous goods storage unit cleaned out is a crucial safety measure. Spills left unattended in the bund could potentially mix with incompatible substances,  contaminate o...

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Installing Parasol Roof on Relocatable Dangerous Goods Store

The 9 step procedure below, outlines how to install a parasol roof on a STOREMASTA relocatable outdoor dangerous goods store. 

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