Customising your flammable liquids cabinet and storage area 

Jul 8, 2020 Posted by Walter Ingles

Did you know that the STOREMASTA range of flammable liquids safety cabinets are completely customisable? And because all our products are designed and manufactured right here in Australia, we are able to offer a full range of spare parts in case your cabinet should ever suffer a mishap — or have a moveable part misappropriated. In this bog we’ll be highlighting some of your options for installing a Class 3 Flammable Liquids cabinet that addresses the unique risks and hazards at your worksite.

1. Shelving

Australian Standard AS1940:2017 –- The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids has specific requirements for the shelves inside flammable liquids cabinets. They must be: 

  • Perforated — to allow the natural movement of air inside the cabinet. 
  • Heavy duty — capable of holding large drums and containers in place without bending or breaking. 
  • Spill sump compliant — the cabinet must be engineered to direct leaks and spills into the lower compound (to achieve this STOREMASTA shelves are angled). 

Purchase original part shelves (for every cabinet size) to add additional storage levels or replace missing parts. 


2. Spill sump

Flammable liquids cabinets are constructed with a liquid tight spill containment sump in the lower compound. Any leaking or spilled chemicals are immediately directed into the spill sump which should be cleared and cleaned up immediately.  

REMEMBER: Safety cabinets can be impacted, knocked over, or be damaged through misuse — but our range of spare parts will help you extend the working life of your cabinet and keep it fully compliant. 


3. Spare parts

One of the benefits of installing a flammable liquids cabinet that has been manufactured here in Australia, is the easy access to spare parts. We stock a range of parts including: 

  • Shelves — our shelves are angled to allow leaks and spills to run into the lower spill compound, now you can replace missing or damaged shelves with original parts. 
  • Door closers — it is a requirement of Australian Standard AS1940:2017 – The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids) for flammable liquids cabinets to have self-closing doors. We stock replacement parts if your door closing mechanisms or latches have been damaged.  
  • Door handles — we stock door handle kits (including locks) if your handles become broken or damaged (or you lose the key). 

IMPORTANT: Please don’t allow your workers prop open the doors of your safety cabinets with sticks, pieces of metal, or wire.  


4. Document Boxes

It’s a requirement of Section 346 of Australian WHS Regulations to keep a Register of Hazardous Chemicals and ensure it is readily available to anyone who could be affected by the chemicals. The Register is a list of chemical names and their accompanying Safety Data Sheet (SDS). 

 To help you meet this legal requirement STOREMASTA has a range of sturdy Document Boxes which can be easily attached to your Flammable Liquids cabinets. The heavy-duty Document Boxes are fully lockable and will protect your Register of Hazardous Chemicals against dust, water, insects, and vermin. 

REMEMBER: Document boxes can also be used to store operating procedures, pre-shift inspection checklists, and auditing documents. 


5. Decontamination stations

If workers could be splashed by the flammable liquids inside the cabinet (skin or eye injuries) you may need to install an emergency decontamination station between 2-10 metres from the cabinet. STOREMASTA has a range of decontamination equipment that meets Australian Safety Standards including: 

  • Safety Showers — free standing and wall mounted shower units with single-pull activation lever, hi-vis non-corrosive finish, and mandatory signage. 
  • Emergency eyewash — floor, sink, and wall mounted emergency eyewash with double-heads, single-push activation lever, soft pressure regulation, particle filters, hi-vis powder coat finish, and mandatory signage. 
  • Combination units — combination shower and eyewash with all the key features in a single unit. 
  • Drench hoses — hand held drench hoses for emergency showering, plus handheld eyewash hoses. 

REMEMBER: Always carry out a risk assessment when evaluating the most suitable first aid, eyewash and shower equipment. 


6. PPE and sundry items

We recommend installing adjunct Personal Protective Equipment and general purpose cabinets nearby flammable liquids cabinets. You don’t want to waste valuable storage space inside the safety cabinet on gloves, face masks, paint brushes or toilet paper. 

Our field auditors observe that workers like to have their PPE and protective clothing on-hand, and if no other storage facility is provided often resort to leaving their PPE on top of the cabinet or lying around the job site.  

PPE cabinets come in a range of sizes (see below), are finished with high visibility powder coat, and signage. 

  • X-Large double-door PPE cabinet 1795 x 920 x 476  (4 storage levels) 
  • Tall single-door PPE cabinet 1192 x 545 x 374 (3 storage levels) 
  • Wide double-door cabinet PPE cabinet 1192 x 1162 x 375 (3 storage levels) 
  • Medium single-door cabinet PPE cabinet 1492 x 545 x 375 (3 storage levels) 
  • Small single-door cabinet PPE cabinet 702 x 546 x 375 (3 storage levels)

Next steps 

If you’re considering purchasing or installing a Class 3 Flammable Liquids cabinet, we strongly recommend you download our new eBook Essential Considerations When Storing Flammable Liquids Indoors. It will help you assess your flammable liquids compliance obligations, then select the most suitable cabinet for your needs. Download and read it today, it’s completely free. 

Essential Considerations when Storing Flammable Liquids Indoors download Free eBook

Walter Ingles

Walter Ingles Compliance Specialist

Walter is STOREMASTA’s Dangerous Goods Storage Specialist. He helps organisations reduce risk and improve efficiencies in the storage and management of dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals.

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